In FOLK Magazine Vol. 2:

‘Rhyme & Reason’  (2020)

In Farrago Blog: 

Review: The Selected Works of Abdullah the Cossack‘ (2019)

In Farrago Edition 2:

Train By Day, Joe Rogan Podcast By Night! All Day!‘ (2019)

In Antithesis Volume 29:

Rascal & Snapper‘ (2019)

In Drunk Monkeys:

They Will Come For Us‘ (2019)

In Ibis House:

Eason Chan In My Room‘ (2019)

In Litbreak:

Someone’ll Save Yer’ (2019)

In Furtive Dalliance Winter 2018:

Cool Points’ (2018)

In Memoir Mixtapes Vol. 7:

Negaraku’ (2018)

In Kindling Volume II:

‘Orbits’ (2015)

On carte blanche (issue 33):

‘Wild Geese Flying West’ (2018)

On Writer’s Edit:

‘One Big Happy Family’ (2015)

In Tongues (now defunct):

‘On Montreal, language, and being free’ (2015)

On Dead Beats Literary Blog:

‘Just Like Hearts’ (2011)

‘The Sun Went AWOL’ (2011)

Modern Day Kicks’ (2011)

In The Journal of the University of Sydney Arts Students Society:

‘Sketch of a(n) (Albany) Bus Station’ (2011)

‘Sketch of Saxophone Solo’ (2012)

‘Heartbreak Hotel & In Weather Like This’ (2013)

In Cuttings:

‘Marie-Louise Bywater’ (2011, emag available for free on the iPad and Android)

Last updated: 11/11/2019

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