• I am not far off from completing my Master of Public Policy and Management. Outside of social relationships and sports, life has pretty much revolved around this course. It is one I have mostly enjoyed and more than anything I’ve appreciated the breadth and depth that the program affords. I intend to write a list of the specific topics I explored when I am done, both as a reminder of my achievements, but also to give an idea to potential students as to what to expect in a course such as this.

  • Writing creatively doesn’t ever stop. I do have a couple of ideas in the back of my head, which I hope to follow in between graduation and employment.

  • On that note, FOLK Magazine recently published my short story ‘Rhyme & Reason.’ It revolves around a weatherman who finds himself inexplicably saving people on air while delivering the weather report. I started writing it in Montreal in 2017 after a freak weather event. It’s incredibly humbling to see my writing on paper and I thank the editors Moreblessing Maturere and Khalid Warsame for the opportunity.
  • One of the reasons this website has not been updated much beyond the Publications page is the change in my consumption of music. It is not that I listen to less. Rather, I listen to far more than I ever have. The result is that I often listen to albums once and rarely ever am able to come to opinions on any given one. This is a result of streaming services and having the world of music at one’s fingertips. I’ve yet to decide whether this is a good or bad thing. For now, that I can listen to Ahmed Ben Ali and Arlo Parks in the same sitting within an hour is still positively mind-boggling.

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