Nearing the end of A Year In December but not losing steam. Today, I talk about something by Ghostpoet.

The title for this song is apt. Ghostpoet’s music conjures a particular type of imagery, a certain mood. A voice that marries The National’s Matt Berninger’s deeper tones with King Krule’s lackadaisical riffing, I associate the album Dark Days + Canapés with indulging in red wine, midnight driving (not at the same time), and cruising art galleries (possibly at the same time). The years that bookend 2018 have been about pushing the boundaries of genres (though, yes, arguably every year has been about that) and I’m personally happy with this type of hip-hop slash rock—mellow yet punchy. Not that I don’t find things to enjoy in those giant genres, as this series can attest, but I do find myself getting a bit jaded as I grow older. These are the times we are in, I guess. 

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