Friends make the best music. Today, I talk about something by Glorietta.

The one time I saw Matthew Logan Vasquez perform live was at Delta Spirit’s final show. When it came time to perform ‘California,’ a soaring electrical anthem that is probably the band’s most well-known hit, he instead handed it off to Kelly Winrich, the band multi-instrumentalist who actually wrote the anthem. Prior to that, Winrich had been busy in the background, riffing away on pianos and guitars. To give away center stage for an acoustic performance was a live music moment for me. It turned the band into a collective of friends, the way most bands start off. Now, Delta Spirit is on indefinite hiatus and Vasquez just did an album with a whole bunch of other musician friends. ‘Friends’ on 2018’s Glorietta is not the best song on the album and nor is it Vasquez’s best work, but as he sings the words, I kind of get the whole point of the album and of music in general: sometimes, it’s just about having fun with your mates.  

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