Something less controversial for today as I switch my attention tosomething by Leif Vollebekk for A Year In December.

I slept on this song almost the entire year of 2017. In a way, I feel like I need a few months off new music so I can give my attention to the other releases of the year or even revisit old favourites. Thus, I kind of tune off around December to February, months that are slow in terms of releases. At the end of 2017, I came back to ‘Elegy.’ I liked listening to music while I shovelled the snow that came in heavy layers. This song, with its simple piano, meandering lyrics, and the bass line in the chorus that doesn’t need anymore embellishment, accompanied me a lot. I bopped my head and dipped my shoulders to the snare, my headphones tucked under my tuque, itself hidden by my winter coat’s hood. To the neighbours who couldn’t see my headphones, I must’ve looked mad. I now live in an area where it doesn’t snow but music does that to you sometimes. It takes you back. 

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