Welcome to the tenth post for a Year In December! Today, I talk about something by Les Trois Accords.

Les Trois Accords make pop-rock songs with funny lyrics without stepping into the comedic music territory of Tenacious D, The Lonely Island, or Weird Al, where the appeal of a re-listen lowers once the novelty of the humour dissipates. The band doesn’t suffer from this because their humour is a bit more homely, as though they were in a bar, trading banter. This is how they end up starting a song with a Gregorian-like chorus and then jumping into a 00s indie rhythm, channeling bands like Franz Ferdinand and poppier The Strokes. At some point, they fall back on tried-and-tested “la-la-la”ing the chorus and hand-clapping. This is a love song, to be sure, but only Les Trois Accords can tackle the tenet of the unnecessariness of being alone (which I have already brought up once in this series), not in life, not tonight, not if you don’t want to, but on group activities. Which, is really one of the reasons we pair up: sometimes, it just sucks going to see a show alone. 

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