A Year In December is a series of notes in which I talk about a song a day until the end of the year, limiting myself to one paragraph. They will be songs that have been part of my aural life this year so most of them are relatively new releases. Today, I talk about something by Jealous Of The Birds.

Just five notes of the synth line that starts the track and I’m already sucked in. This is one of those songs you know is going to be good before Naomi Hamilton even opens her mouth and when she does it’s double heaven because it confirms your expectations. Multi-layered vocals, perfect syllabic timing, and a reference to ‘In The Pines,’ but it’s the synths that carry the song. Simultaneously hopeless as it steps down in resolution and light in its tone, it captures the see-sawing between giddiness and fear as Hamilton reckons with love.

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