A Year In December is a series of notes in which I talk about a song a day until the end of the year, limiting myself to one paragraph. They will be songs that have been part of my aural life this year so most of them are relatively new releases. Today, I talk about something by Lana Del Rey.

I’ve already written about it before but I’ve always struggled to connect with Lana Del Rey. Both the persona and the music attract me, but full listens of her albums tire me out, like swimming through waters that gradually go against you. Why I like ‘Venice Bitch’ is easily explained: I like my music with guitars in it and this song has it in all shapes and sizes: tremolos, acoustic, fingerpicked electric, Dessner-brothers style fuzzy wailing. It’s almost post-rock in its construction, save LDR’s ever-vague polaroid lyrics. Having said that, an instrumental wouldn’t rope me in. It’s her toned down voice, this time less reminiscent of Hollywood-circa 1950s. Not as breathy and yet effortlessly slick, this is a LDR I can get along with. If there’s more like this to come, I will be in for the ride.

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