Fraser Anning’s ‘Final Solution’

The full quote is as follows:

“The final solution to the immigration problem is, of course, a popular vote.”

Media and politicians on both benches have focused on and derided Anning’s poor choice of words. Indeed, we don’t even need to refer to the dark connotations of his choice of vocabulary because his idea would neither be final nor a solution to what is a very tiny problem. All layers of this cake are terrible.

However, what’s notable is how a 30 or so minute maiden speech with many terrible ideas (going back to coal because it’s the cheapest, reducing student visas, taking culture back from left-wing extremists – whatever that means) and one or two good ones (statutory cap on government fees with regards to housing, re-establishment of rural development state banks) became eclipsed by two words. Though packed with connotations it may be, reading/listening to his full speech shows the man, however flawed his conclusions, reached them via rational and deductive reasoning that was rooted in personal emotions and history. If we are to combat the racism in politics and the world in general, this, rather than the full throttle denunciation of the man’s worst misstep should be our first response.


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